AIGA 2009 Leadership Retreat

“Thank you for making the process so efficient and pain-free. We couldn’t have had such a successful retreat with your help.”  —Michelle & Katie, AIGA New York event coordinators

Client: AIGA, 2009 Leadership Retreat
Designs: Event Identity, Print, & Digital Materials
My Role: Lead Designer

AIGA 2009 Leadership Retreat

Overview: Catatilla Design was chosen by the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) “to brand the materials for the annual leadership retreat with the AIGA identity and the theme of the retreat: Sea change.” Collateral included a logo, website, various print material, and environmental graphics.

Key Points:
Project & Vendor Management
Web Site Design
Map Design
Modern Typography

Process Ideas:

‘Alteration’ Concept: The process of sewing or altering reflects many of the strategies the AIGA will use for future changes. We integrated concepts and tactics of addition, subtraction and joining of pieces to yield a result that serves its purpose more meaningful than it did before.

‘Rewiring’ Concept: Processes of communication have been set, but now there is a need to examine them. These organizational wires will continue to carry power and create connectivity, but more efficiently.

‘Alignment’ Concept: Change through exploration, movement and purposeful decisions. The ghosted word-lists express first a visible exploration and then a decision. Cropping, slender line lengths, and multiple columns also create the sensation of movement, energy, and more information outside the page or space. These different word-lists represent multiple voices, which is important to positive change. Every element shown has come to rest on the page with purposeful alignment, signifying the thoughtful and serious nature of the process.

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