Glass Blowing at Live Laugh Love Glass

There are so many different forms of art and craft out there to try and one that I never thought I would have the opportunity to try is glass blowing. It seemed out of reach because of the equipment needed, you certainly can’t run down to the local craft store and pick up a giant high heat furnace. Then I discovered a place in downtown Tualatin that offers glass blowing workshops. Who knew? Live Laugh Love Glass is great and my punch card is nearly full I’ve been there so many times. It’s certainly not the cheapest of hobbies, but it’s a really unique experience. So far I’ve make two glass floats, a bowl, a flower, some Christmas tree ornaments, and a snowman. In the future I’d love to try to make something larger. In the mean time I’ve crossed glass blowing off my bucket list.

Glass Blowing Pieces

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