Window Display Vinyl

Recently, I had the pleasure of helping a local sign company apply some vinyl to the front windows of Sunset Computers, one of my clients. This is only the first part of a larger window display project, but the window vinyls have been successfully installed and we will soon place the rest of the signage inside the windows.

For this project Beaverton Signs created and installed a large perforated vinyl piece in the far left window. Perforated vinyl has hundreds of tiny holes that allow you to see through when you’re inside, but block the view from the outside. This excellent option allowed us to block the view of a stair case.

Perforated Vinyl

Along with the perforated vinyl there were strips of burgundy placed along the bottom of the window on the INSIDE of the glass and white vinyl lettering placed in front on the strip on the OUTSIDE of the glass. This unique solution adds a level of dimensionality to the lettering. We did a sample before we committed to an option (see below). The TOP is the burgundy and the lettering on the inside as one piece. The MIDDLE is the option we chose with the burgundy inside and letters outside. The BOTTOM is both burgundy and lettering on the outside as one piece.

Vinyl Install

I was intrigued to learn how the vinyl letters would be applied to keep all the letters in line and correctly spaced. It was much easier than I imagined.

Window Vinyl

I enjoyed my lesson on adhesive vinyl installation. I find that the more I learn about how vendors do what they do, the better value and knowledge I can bring to my client’s and their unique projects.

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