Learn to Name Your Files

Naming computer files thoughtfully is much more important than people think and it’s never too late to start doing it better. Improper file names can cause problems when you transmit files to other people or upload them to an online service, it can wreak havoc to archived files and make it much harder to find things later. Often, you won’t even know that the file name is the issue when you get a strange error message about a file. Learn to Name Your Files

Tri-fold Invitation

Client: Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Golf Scramble
Format: 2-Color A6 tri-fold invitation with matching envelopes
Purpose: Help the golf committee invite people to play in this golf tournament.

Special Considerations and Tips: When you are having any sort of folded piece fabricated, its very important to be specific and touch base with your vendor regarding the fold. Here the piece was designed as a Z-Fold, not a traditional C-Fold.