Home Runs for Homeless Youth

Home Runs for Homeless Youth is an annual fundraising kickball tournament that began in 2012. The event branding focuses on the fun energy of the event to promote to athletic and team minded groups. The feel of the typography and large enclosure style mark highlight the necessary copy and allows the “ball” to be updated with specific messaging for different collateral. In an effort to keep things fresh each year for returning teams we select a different set of vibrant colors to use on t-shirts and a different swag item giveaway.

Since 2012 Home Runs for Homeless Youth has raised over $129,000 for HomePlate Youth Services.



Swag Samples


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One thought on “Home Runs for Homeless Youth

  1. Thanks for all your work over the years creating a dynamic and fun design for Home Runs for Homeless Youth! Everyone LOVED the shirts and water bottle this year! We really appreciate all of your support and helping us to carry the theme forward each year in fresh ways.

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