Industrial Sewing Class at Klum House

I love making things! If I had started this blog when I was 10 you would have seen an endless feed of Lego creations. These days my Lego projects are limited to playing with my nephews, but when I have the opportunity I love to take classes and learn to make new things and create new maker skills. Recently, I signed myself and some friends up for a workshop at Klum House and let me just say those Klum folks are amazing. This class was entry level (no sewing experience required) and through it I learned some great industrial sewing techniques and made a beautiful “Portsmith Tote”. I got to choose my own colors for every element of the tote, worked with leather, waxed canvas, added grommets, a key right and a little Klum tag. The instructor was excellent and made the experience really memorable. I can’t wait to go back.

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