2014 Portland Summer Food Cart Festival

Throughout the year I find myself involved with charity events and fundraisers through the different organizations I’m involved with. This year I continued on in my second year of work with ALSO’s Portland Summer Food Cart Festival. This exciting event has grown leaps since it’s inaugural year and part of that leap has been a bold and fun identity created in 2013.

Each event has different needs to consider when building an identity. One thing about this was the need for A LOT of text in the logo. A place for the year, “Portland Summer Food Cart Festival” AND “Home of the 3rd Annual East County Food Cart Competition . That’s a mouthful! Especially for a logo, but I took on the challenge, went big, and a bit retro to fit the feeling of the event.

Along with the mark, several other items were created to help promote the event: rack card, flyer, poster various web graphics, web page, participant sticker, and event banners.

I look forward to attending June 21, 2014 at Mt. Hood Community College Gresham Campus and enjoying the fruits of my labors, plus a lot of awesome cart food.

2014 PSFCF TabloidPoster


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