Campaign Branding: Beaty for Beaverton

An excellent friend and volunteering partner-in-crime came to me with her intention for running for Beaverton City Council in May 2014. She wanted to put together a team of cohorts who had the same drive and good intentions as her and that included a graphic designer that would go the distance with her. I happily answered the call.

Lacey’s history of military and community leadership inspired a bold brand identity with saturated colors and a powerful and optimistic upward angled banner. Aside from the traditional red, white, and blue we kept the look youthful and dynamic to match her spirit. Yard signs, buttons, flyers, postcards and website were on the docket for design work, plus a quick invite to her Campaign Kickoff Party back in February, which was held at Emily Andrews Portrait Design Studios, where Emily’s crew took amazing photo booth style photos of guests against a backdrop of yard signs. The group show you see here and Lacey’s business portraits are all courtesy of Emily Andrews Portrait Design.




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