Certified Mailpiece Design Professional

I’ve passed the test and I’m now a certified Mailpiece Design Professional! Let me tell you that test is not easy. It’s an open book test, but when you’re looking for incredibly specific information, it’s easy to get caught searching for an answer for thirty minutes or more. Let’s look at a few questions and you tell me what you think.

This is an easy one… The difference between the amount of light reflected by the ink used to print a barcode and the amount of light reflected by the background paper is referred to as the:

  1. Print Reflectance Difference
  2. Print Contrast Ratio
  3. Bleed Through
  4. Opacity

A little harder… For barcode readability, the required clearance between the barcode printed on an insert and the right and left window edges, label edges and any other printing is:

  1. .028″
  2. 1/8″
  3. 1/25″
  4. 1/4″

What the heck… Repositional Notes must:

  1. Contain phosphorescent or red fluorescent colorants
  2. Be placed in a manner that interferes with the delivery address, price markings or postage
  3. Display a specific address or zip code
  4. Measure 3″ X 3″ plus/minus 1/8″

The test was 100 questions like that, but I survived, got my certificate and am available to consult on all your mailing needs.


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