Tri-fold Mailer with BRM

Client: Concordia University & St. Micheal’s
Format: 4-Color Tri-Fold Mailer, with a perforated Business Reply Mail Postcard
Purpose: Promote the events for Seniors at St. Michael’s

Tri-fold mailer

business reply mail

Special Considerations and Tips: This mailer include 2 score, one fold and one perforation, plus a Business Reply Mail(BRM) postcard. To have a BRM you must consult with the US Postal Service, they will actually make the artwork for your BRM, but you must carefully fill out the paperwork with your permit number and Mailer ID. It’s quite a process, so don’t save this for the last minute. This BRM includes the new Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) which will become the standard as soon the USPS decides on a new deadline. You can get an IMB for your organization now and I recommend going through the process as soon as possible and avoid the rush later.

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