(2/7) I ♥ Typographic Symbols: Dingbats

Continuing on with my series of typographic symbols…DINGBATS. Technically, you could argue that dingbats are not typographic symbols, but there are so many items to be found within a set that I felt they were worthy of including. Many have historical significance others are just random bits of fun.

Dingbats are a collection of utility characters, symbols, bullets and ornaments. Sets of Dingbats often include religious symbols, computer related symbols, stylized arrows, and other useful bits and bobs.  These pictograms all have their own history and ornamentation or reference purposes. Most computers come with some version of “Zapf Dingbats”, originally a collection of 360 dingbats designed by Hermann Zapf in the 1970’s.

dingbat sample

“Typography needs to be audible. Typography needs to be felt. Typography needs to be experienced.”
— Helmut Schmid

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