Visiting the Past and Seeing the Future: OSU Design Portfolio Review

Every year the Oregon State University graphic design graduating class holds a portfolio review in Corvallis and Portland. Basically, it is a trade show, of sorts, of graduating seniors setting up their best work and portfolio for visitors (family, friends, and hopefully potential employers) to view. It has been my pleasure to attend the Portland show the last couple of years.

I go to show my support as an OSU design alum and to try and share a bit of my knowledge as a working designer, I look forward to one day going to find a potential intern or entry level employee. The student work I reviewed proved once again that OSU has an excellent design program rich with design theory, concept development, artistic exploration, and technical skills.

I honor of this event I have posted a few images from work I created during my college days….

OSU Work: Phobias
Double bound book inspired by a phobia of sharp objects. This was part of a larger exhibit created with photographer, Allen Morris, titled “Face Your Fears”.
OSU Work: John Cage
Typography project created for a fictitious exhibit of John Cage’s work.
OSU Work: Treehouses
Poster created for the play “Treehouses”
OSU Work: Eames
Spread from a booklet created to catalog the Eames Furniture collection owned by the OSU Arts Department

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